Test results

The result of the computer test is communicated to participants upon completion of the test. Participants who scored less than B1 on the computer test cannot participate in the oral and written task. They will not receive a certificate as the test only assesses level B1 and higher.

The results of the computer, writing and oral tests will be communicated within two weeks after participation. Participants are issued a B1, B2, C1 or C2 certificate.


Test component weighting

Your certificate states your overall CEFR level. You also receive a supplement listing your subscores for all test components. The test components are weighted as follows:

Component Max. score
Reading 15
Listening 15
Vocabulary & Grammar 30
Speaking 25
Writing 25

Your overall CEFR level is based on the sum of all of the test component subscores. This means you can compensate for lower scores in some components with higher ones in others. For example, you don’t need B2 in all components to obtain an overall B2.


CEFR level cut scores

These are the minimum scores you need to obtain the corresponding CEFR level:

Cut score CEFR level
20% B1
40% B2
60% C1
80% C2