Before starting the test, participants are informed that talking, cheating and consulting online resources, dictionaries and other reference works are strictly forbidden. If a supervisor notices during a test session that a participant is cheating (talking, looking at other participants’ tests, using dictionaries or other reference works), they will inform the participant and confiscate any forbidden items. The participant will continue to complete the test. The supervisor will report the incident to the IUTC examination board. Plagiarism and other indirect types of fraud will also be reported to the IUTC examination board.

The examination board consists of:

  • The director of the test centre concerned
  • A director from another test centre within the consortium
  • A member of the test centre concerned who is not involved in developing or administering the test

The IUTC examination board will determine any further measures to be taken. The participant will be informed of the examination board’s decision within five working days of the test. This decision may be appealed against within five working days.

A test from which a participant is disqualified will be treated as a normal test session. This means that for subsequent participations, the participant will need to pay the full amount and leave an interval of two weeks between test sessions.