ITACE test result viewing guidelines

It is not possible to receive feedback on the test results. However, if a test taker has legitimate doubts about the accuracy of the test results, they may ask the ITACE testing centre to view their answers. This inspection must be requested within six weeks after the latest test participation.

For organizational reasons, the inspection will only concern the latest test participation, and must be requested in writing (by e-mail or letter) from the test centre where the test was taken. The test taker needs to state the following:

  • name
  • date of birth
  • telephone number or e-mail address
  • date of their most recent test participation
  • which test scores they wish to view:
    • only the computer test
    • only the speaking task
    • only the writing task
    • the computer test and the speaking task
    • the computer test and the writing task
    • the computer test, the speaking task and the writing task.


The test taker will then be given a few possible time slots for the inspection (on working days and during office hours). The test taker confirms the time of their choice in writing (by e-mail or letter).

Only ITACE test takers themselves are allowed to attend. If for any reason, such as a disability, the test taker wishes to be assisted, this must be requested in advance. The identity of the accompanying person must be stated.

The inspection is limited to 15 minutes and takes place in person at the language centre (not by e-mail or online). All documents must be returned when leaving the room. No copies or photographs may be made.

The inspection only gives an overview of the scores of the latest test taken. Due to the confidentiality of the test questions, no correct answers will be given.